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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ready, set, vote

We've heard the arguments, endured the pundits, watched the debates, reanalyzed the gaffes. And after 21 months, the longest running drama in American political history will finally draw to a merciful close. It all comes down to today. Election Day.

Every 4 years the ante gets raised for spinning into the vast wasteland of hyperbole for turnout motivation.
"This is the most important election EVER!!!!"
And people react like groundhogs, pull their covers back over their head and drift back to sleep. Comforted by the conventional wisdom that their vote doesn't really count, there's no real difference between the two major parties and showing up is a waste of time.

8 years, 2 wars, 4,000+ soldiers dead and an exacerbated man made catastrophe along the Gulf Coast later, we are still reeling from the consequences.

This time around, the stakes are far too high and there's no margin for error.

This election has always felt to me like a test of the American public on a very fundamental level. Bush got selected the first time because of inattention, and the second time because of scare tactics. But this time, people are awake. Everyone who cares can assess the character and nature of the four candidates on either ticket.

So what will it be? Will America stand on the edge of the abyss and leap off? Dress rehearsal's over. The time to take back our country is at hand.

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