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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Save a train, ride a transit worker

Living in the five boroughs, the main topic of conversation that has dominated water coolers for the past 5 days has obviously been the threat of the transit strike looming since last Thursday. Last night found me glued to Eyewitness News for the latest update on what would await me this morning yet AGAIN. It was hard as hell keeping my eyes open past 1:00 a.m., but try I did...and at just past 2, I saw the blinking "MTA running" logo at the bottom of my TV screen while Last Call with Carson Daly was about to get hit the with the off button on my remote. Just a smattering of shut eye would reveal that all would be well. Or so I assumed.

After OD'ing on much deprived Z's, I scrambled to hit the snooze button and check out the latest word from the newsreel. A chorus of angry picketers told the whole story before I laid eyes onto the "strike ON" graphic from WNBC. The news I had been dreading for close to a week had finally come to fruition.

Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.

The bluffing days were over...the workers walked off the job at approximately 3:00 a.m. EST which meant mayhem and misery for millions of straphangers this morning as rush hour would turn into an obstacle course of the worst kind.

While my boss had already given my department a heads-up yesterday that strike or no strike, he wasn't coming in, I had two options:
Locked upIt was a decision I agonized a whole millisecond over. As much as I would've loved to link arms with Mayor Bloomberg amid sub-freezing temps in solidarity, hell fuck no, I wasn't gonna go. But to the brave souls who ventured into apocalypse now with snotsicles a-glistening, my hat's off to you.

However, I can't get too comfortable in reveling in being the spoiled brat that I am since tomorrow I've got to channel my inner G.I. Jane and hoof it into the city by any means necessary. Suddenly turning down a charity bone to that clod in human resources is looking like a really bad idea. I could've had some vacation days be magically accrued at the last minute...you know, kind of like the MTA's billion dollar surplus they've been moving around like Colombian drug weight. Or if I had bothered to learn how to drive, oh about a decade ago as kids in the boonies do, I could've put my hustle tactics to good use running a gypsy van route up to MetroTech.

The same kindhearted souls who have put your job in jeopardy with end-of-year dockings, rerouting the yellow brick road for the kiddies to meet their perfect attendance quotas and making near biblical pilgrimages to see your loved ones outside of a 5-mile radius would really, really like to wish you a Happy Holidays from the bottom of their broken hearts. Can you feel the love tonight?

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Blogger BFKASO commented at 12/21/2005 02:23:00 PM~  

Two Words: Command Bus

Believe it or not they're still running. You might have to get up dumb early but for 4 bucks you can't go wrong!

Blogger ghettogeisha commented at 12/21/2005 05:37:00 PM~  

I'm lucky (stress lucky) that I live within walking distance of a metro north station. I have no sympathy for the TWU (esp. Roger Toussaint- I saw his press conference this afternoon, he wants to make Mayor Bloomberg the scapegoat for this. PUHLEZE!) nor do I have any sympathy for the MTA. I believe both sides need to put their obvious egos aside and come back to the table.

Blogger TriniPrincess commented at 12/22/2005 02:00:00 AM~  

I had the Command Bus alternative on the brain from the time I was getting dressed. But you know what the backup for the BM2 was? Two and a half fucking hours alone. Couldn't swing the wait. Good thing dudes up by Smith St. had the vans ready to cake it out on the $3 route.

Believe me it runs a LOT deeper than what the mayor, media and governor portray to the public. I'm frustrated with the TWU too because they've got the city by the balls at the worst possible time, but the MTA have been cooking the books for YEARS. Forever crying poor, yet they've got a near billion dollar surplus and raising the rates. They need to pay the workers and cut the nonsense already.

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