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Thursday, December 08, 2005

The real compared to what?

When you don't care enough to nominate the very bestTo say that pop music is nothing more than a barren wasteland of forgettable hooks and empty cliches is about as obvious as Katie Holmes' artificial insemination pregnancy. And nothing quite drove the death knell home for today's current state of affairs more than the announcement of nominations for the 48th annual Grammy Awards this morning. The days of that shiny golden gramophone actually carrying some semblance of prestige have gone the way of Geri Halliwell's career. Credibility has officially flown the co-op.

Among the most blatant head scratchers:

The inexplicable amount of accolades given to Alicia Keys' Unbreakable. I love her like a play cousin, but even I recognize an aural dump when I hear it and this little ditty is a clusterfuck of nonsense masquerading as some trumped-up ode to Black love. It's the offseason of batting cleanup in the NARAS winner's circle, but to even be mentioned as a contender for Best R&B Song when a hook contains the lyrics, "we could fight like Ike and Tina" is clearly on some next shit. Ditto squared for the National Organization of Women's theme in Cater 2 U. Is that all there is?

Omarion actually winding up on a ballot without Ashton Kutcher popping up at the press conference to reassure us it's all a joke.

Beyoncé landing her gift certificate early to Payola 'R' Us for a "blink-and-you-missed-it" inclusion on the damn Roll Bounce soundtrack.

The goddawful hatchet jobs to Luther Vandross standards on the J Records compilation spawning multiple mentions thanks largely to Daddy Warbucks (that's Clive Davis for those in the dark) greasing palms, while Lalah Hathaway's rendition of Forever, For Always, For Love is completely ignored. Motherfucking blasphemy at its worst, I tell ya.

No trace of recognition towards Leela James, Kem, Faith Evans or Kindred the Family Soul?

As expected, the little muppet that could emerged as the frontrunner, garnering multiple nods in the Album, Record & Song of the Year categories in addition to 5 more where those came from. Of course, there's nothing that the Academy loves more than a feel-good comeback story, and there was no story with more TV-movie-of-the-week ingredients than the emancipation of Mimi in 2005. So, consider Mariah Carey a lock to walk away with more than a few door stoppers to cap off her successful rebound from psych ward outpatient to relevant hit maker. Eight was also enough for newcomer John Legend and his fairy godfather, Kanye West.

The partial list of who's in and up for what is listed below.

Record of the YearAlbum of the Year
Song of the Year
Best New Artist
Female Pop Vocal PerformanceMale Pop Vocal PerformancePop Performance by a Duo or Group with VocalPop Vocal AlbumRock AlbumFemale R&B Vocal PerformanceMale R&B Vocal PerformanceR&B Performance by a Duo or Group with VocalTraditional R&B Vocal PerformanceUrban/Alternative PerformanceR&B SongR&B AlbumContemporary R&B AlbumRap Solo PerformanceRap Performance by a Duo or GroupRap SongRap AlbumBest Reggae AlbumBest Short Form Music Video

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i guess you don't like my comments :(

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Rell, whatchutalkinboutWillis?! Of course I welcome your comments, as infrequent as they are... :oP

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