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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Escape from New York

I'm taking a brief respite from the hustle and bustle of it all on a semi-unplanned getaway for a few days before I wind up like Mariah Carey during the whole Glitter/"that bitch done lost it" fiasco. So rather than leave all 2 of my regular reading audience outta the loop, I figure I'll post the "gone fishing" entry now while I'm taking a break from cramming shit I don't really need into my suitcase. Flight leaves in the next 7 hours, so I'll be back next week with the usual babble that keeps the wheels turning. Same bat time, same bat channel. Until then, catch you on the flipside.



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Blogger Berry commented at 10/13/2005 11:12:00 AM~  

thanks for the warning....suffering withdrawal symptons already. LOL. Enjoy yourself!

Blogger Will commented at 10/13/2005 01:53:00 PM~  

Yes... Thank you for the warning. Because you know I check everyday to get my Princess fix. LOL

And it's great that you're getting away now. With all this rain, I'm suffering withdrawals from my Miami trip already. Sigh. Wish I was back there. It was a grrrrrrreat week. :)

Enjoy yo'self!!!

Blogger Butta commented at 10/14/2005 03:16:00 AM~  

Have a great trip, mamacita! You'll be missed (no for real, you will be missed), but enjoy your vaycay. Come back with tan lines and lots of stories!

Blogger princessdominique commented at 10/17/2005 10:47:00 AM~  

I'm hot on your heels. I need a vacation so bad that I can taste it!

Blogger Danyel commented at 10/18/2005 08:38:00 PM~  

have fun!

Blogger Count commented at 10/19/2005 11:17:00 AM~  

Hope you have fun!! My broke ass certainly could certainly use a vacation. Check out my new fiction blog in your spare time you get back. Peace!!

Blogger Mealone commented at 10/24/2005 11:57:00 AM~  

Must be nice! I wish. Have fun fun fun!

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