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Monday, August 15, 2005

Laughing gas

Cry me a river...Over $3.00 a gallon?! How am I going to do all my errands at one strip mall? Egads, this is a travesty!

America, get the fuck over yourselves. It's a dirty fact of life called inflation. So deal with the penance of cause and effect.

We've got more pinheads on the road with gas guzzling 4-wheel drives (a.k.a. "fuck-you-mobiles," so succinctly coined by Bill Maher) that drain what little resources we have available with $50+ fill ups at your neighborhood station whose major purpose for having a sport utility vehicles is for cruising the streets blasting the new Green Lantern mix tape.

The resident poser in a cowboy hat who got reselected for another term by our red-state brethren was as good at drilling productive oil sites for Arbusto as Paris Hilton is at keeping her sexcapades off camera. Why is the American public outraged at the government now?

The leader of the world's "last superpower" whose family fortunes were made through being leading refinery pimps throughout the Lone Star state wouldn't have any incentive to invading a sovereign nation that posed no threat to us albeit being an obvious oil-rich source in the Middle East. Nah, couldn't be!

Have we also forgotten that the dimwits at GMC, Ford, Chrysler and Buick were vehemently opposed to innovation that would've put the United States in the driver's seat (pun definitely intended) for fuel-efficient engineering? Their greed and determination to keep us reliant on oil instead of alternatives set the stage for this quagmire at a pump near you. While the Japanese sits back and laughs at our willingness to keep our heads up our collective asses, the gap between our sinking currency value in comparison to the Euro and rapidly rising costs of living put us further behind the 8-ball.

Doesn't it give you the warm and fuzzies knowing our soldiers are fighting a just cause against the real enemy? Who's up for putting some 22's on a Hummer now? Anybody? Hmm?

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