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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Why slavery isn't like rooting for the Yankees

It's almost become a rite of passage for every quasi-minority group in America that seeks instant "street credibility" for having their plight given their rightful byline in the sun never fail to piggyback onto homegrown slavery as a common link in six degrees of separation. First it was the well-heeled feminists burning their bras in protest, then the gays and now PETA. Yes, the organization known for terrorizing fashion shows, drawing the ire of little old ladies in full-length minks with red paint splotches and deifying Pamela Anderson for expanding the boundaries of her overexposed ass on billboards rather than being caught dead in fur have become the newest contestant on a little game show I like to call "Pimp My History." Black people have seen their narratives tricked out more often than dubs sittin' on 22's in the name of "but, but...we've suffered too!"

As a stop on a national tour, PETA wheeled their exhibit, "Are Animals The New Slaves?" at the green on site in New Haven, CT under the guise of "spreading awareness" on animal rights in the most controversial of ways.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a national animal rights group, posted giant photographs of people, mostly black Americans, being tortured, sold and killed, next to photographs of animals, including cattle and sheep, being tortured, sold and killed.

"I think it is an apt comparison," said Josh Warchol, 26, of Wallingford, president of the Southern Connecticut Vegetarian Society, which is aligned with PETA.
Animal crackersExcuse the hell outta me, but how fucking dare you?! You think the Middle Passage was some kind of exclusive club everyone was itching to get into like Bungalow 8?! The capture, dehumanization and atrocities committed on an entire race of people cannot be compared in any way, shape or form to cattle headed to the slaughterhouse, you walking shitheads! Maybe the memo got lost on the Pony Express, but if we don't embrace phrases like "working class" anymore, you bet your ass the whole "3/5ths of a person" mindset is just as archaic in spite of what was written in the goddamn Constitution, so trying to correlate the natural fucking cycle of the food chain to HUMAN BEINGS being brutalized goes far beyond the line of being merely insulting. Could you imagine what would happen if an entire showing of skinned rabbits were shown alongside victims of Auschwitz as some kind of parallel to the Holocaust on display for public consumption? The shit would be shut down faster than you can spell the Anti-Defamation League. The brazen disregard for our history is outrageous and offensive to the Nth degree, but even more disheartening will be the silence of the so-called "voices of the community" that'll raise hell over trifling ass shit like Pepsi dropping Ludacris' contract over lyrical content (how you doin', Hustle Simmons?) but on something as incredulous as this, nary a peep will be made.

And while I've got my fist raised atop my angry Black bitch soapbox, exactly when are screenwriters going to stop perpetrating the most annoying Oscar ploy in the book? The hooker/exotic dancer with a heart of gold. This shit even reads like a damn farce. Funny how when women of color are cast in the glow of the red light district, they're the potty mouthed wild child junkies with more baby daddies than Larry King's had wives, but plop a Rachel McAdams, Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman or any other fresh scrubbed ingenue in the same role and they're bucking for Best Supporting Actress. What. the. fuck. ever.

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