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Friday, December 19, 2008

While I was snoozing

First things first... was my last post really on rickrolling back in fucking August? Jesus. Not exactly the most cohesive cliffhanger. My sympathies to all 5 of you still on my Feedburner list yawning with disinterest for the past 4 months. The operative word being sympathy not apology because I know sooner rather than later yet another Robert Downey, Jr.-like relapse will be on the horizon. So why fight fate?

Entry unreliability is par for the course since I always wind up getting sidetracked with bullshit, or I just become hooked on other people's sites while completely neglecting my own or writer's block holds my amygdala hostage.

However, in this case, I didn't spend all that time burnishing my slacker cred to a polished sheen. Like thousands of other starry eyed supporters, I got off my ass across 5 states to be a part of the Obama campaign. From late summer till November 4th, I spent a good 70% of all waking hours to help make change become a reality. Now the hangover's finally subsiding till the Acela bunnyhop to Chocolate City in T-minus 31, there's no time better than the present to blow the cobwebs off while rekindling my literary flame.

I did keep a journal of some of the many experiences that made the effort worthwhile and I'll be updating with backdated commentary shortly. Pinky swear. Until then, here's a quick distillation of the recent newsreel in two minutes courtesy of Slate.

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