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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Desperation: party of one

It's always heartwarming to know as much as right-wing blowhards feign outrage at ceding the moral high ground to tree hugging, fornicating freaks, ads such as the one above sponsored by the New York Republican State Committee serve to show what mudslinging slugs they really are. Do the complexions of the damsel in distress and the big, bad offender strike as merely accidental? You didn't think race baiting at its finest was indigenous to Tennessee only, did you? But, it's kinda cute how "our values" is underlined. I'm assuming they mean anti-Christian-corrupt-warrantless wiretapping-constitution destroying-freedom hating, anti-science, no oversight, soldier abandoning, pro-torture, because "family" values certainly aren't what the GOP is acting on.

But here's a hilarious way to bid the merry band of slimeballs, adieu....courtesy of the brilliance that is YouTube.

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