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Monday, October 31, 2005

Bewitched, bothered & bewildered

Ghosts, goblins and ghouls... oh my! I really hate it when noted occasions wind up at the beginning of a work week, because then you can't really enjoy it since you're back at the office grind the next day. Although Halloween isn't technically a "holiday," it brings back so many memories of pumpkin carving, dodging eggs, ignoring trick-or-treaters and playing dress up when I was a footloose and fancy free pigtailed lass who wanted to be Wonder Woman without the red bathroom towel as my cape. Fast forward two decades later and I've stepped up my game. A friend of mine threw her annual costume party in the Meatpacking District and I went decked out in full geisha regalia. Have to say, it was the most comfortable guise ever...what beats lounging around in a satin kimono all night? Almost made up for the kabuki pallor caked on by her friendly, neighborhood tranny.

Tricks aren't just for kids: Memo to women with a madonna/whore complex who don't have the balls to wear latex and fishnets on any of the other 364 days of the year. Dressing up like a slut for Halloween isn't cute, it's simply a contrived excuse to release your inner harlot under the guise of "being someone else." Can donning the naughty nurse or French maid motifs just to wind up face first in some strange guy's lap be any less creative?
"If there's one lesson to learn in college, it's that nothing brings out a person's inner asshole like a costume. Alcohol may unhinge our self-control, but eventually, it also makes us barf, putting a stop to the insanity. A costume, on the other hand, gives the dangerous impression of anonymity, a conscious break from our usual standards of behavior." - Nina Lalli, The Village Voice
Ladies, if you need to wait for an annual faux-holiday that's geared to children for an excuse to let your freak flag fly without shame...you may want to consider trading scriptures for the Kama Sutra more often.

To commemorate the all-day festival of fright...I bring to you, the 20 greatest horror flicks of all time as selected by a blue ribbon panel, spearheaded by a sleep deprivation expert. Yours truly...try and sit through these when no one's home on a late night.

20) Sleepaway Camp
19) Hellraiser
18) The Haunting
17) Salem's Lot
16) The Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn
15) Pumpkinhead
14) Candyman
13) Friday The 13th
12) The Omen
11) Scream
10) Carrie
9) Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer
8) Halloween
7) Suspiria
6) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (and I mean the 1974 Tobe Hooper original, not the bullshit update starring tits on toast, Jessica Biel...blecch!)
5) The Shining
4) Jaws
3) A Nightmare On Elm Street
2) Psycho
1) The Exorcist

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