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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

They lootin! Awww, made ya look...

Separate and unequal...Thank goodness we live in a country that strives to keep its news coverage fair and balanced. How the hell do you just find bread and soda at a local grocer wading through chest-deep water amid a natural disaster? Meanwhile let a darkie do the same thing as the only means of survival and he's depicted as some sort of Negranus Exoticus that escaped the county fair. What gives here?

Oh, darn...I forgot. It's the complexion connection that'll afford that kind of leeway at a TV affiliate near you.

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Blogger ghettogeisha commented at 9/01/2005 03:03:00 PM~  

I just finished reading an article on Salon.com about the same thing. It's crazy- all last night as I watched the news and they spoke about the looting all they showed were black people. Like there's no PWT in Slidel, LA doing the same thing, except that they're in the gun shops. But we don't see those pictures.

Blogger Mealone commented at 9/01/2005 07:12:00 PM~  

Okay that little boy picture saying "that's racist" is the ultimate!

No this is all a crying shame. The media should really be burned for this one. I don't even watch the news. I can't take it!

Blogger jon commented at 10/01/2005 11:27:00 PM~  

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Anonymous Lee Ward commented at 2/16/2007 03:46:00 PM~  

Why don't you make your statements on television or to the news papers where you can be seen and heard by many.I'm tired of everybody pointing their finger at the other color no matter what color.If you do that your a idiot with no real pride.I could say that I've been pointed at and made fun of by all races because i have a huge red birthmark that covers half my face.My point is...I'm a minority among all of you and I'm not crying about it.The best thing you can do when someone points is to hold your head high,look them straight in the eye and laugh.They look stupid and you look strong.stop all the whining among your own race whatever it may be.

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