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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Giving it the best that I've got

Turning over a new leafJanuary has always been my favorite month. A new year always holds the promise of a fresh start in approaching life. Reflecting on the past while gazing forward into the future vowing to myself that this one will be better than the last just nanoseconds after binging on every fiscal and nutritional bad habit in the book. And of course, these idealistic vows allude to that seasonal tradition that are New Year's resolutions. It's that time of year again: pig out less, high tail it to Bally's, floss more. Like the overwhelming majority of people, I often make them and watch my well-meaning goals go up in smoke just before the calendar flips over to February. Being creatures of impulsivity, we look at our expanding waistlines, the dwindling balances in our checking & savings, and the Samsonite that's taken up residence under our eyes, and come to the conclusion that such behavior needs to come to end abruptly to fully be new and improved. We give into the our own jedi mind tricks by promising to take better care of ourselves. We'll eat healthier, work harder, and be fiscally responsible. Out come the measuring cups, the calorie calculators and the meal planners in preparation for a run to the supermarket to restock with wholesome additions. On the return home, reality hits us over the head in realizing that we're too tired to slave over a hot stove and backslide into an extra value meal from the closest drive-thru window. We comfort ourselves in the fact that the monkey wrench was simply a fluke and we can really begin tomorrow. The cynics have always contended that New Year's resolutions are a waste of time, or that self-improvement is a worthwhile practice which should be made throughout the year, not just at the beginning. And while there's nothing wrong with taking those baby steps as they come during any of the other 365 days in the almanac, there's no denying the fact that the start of a new year makes for a great symbolic and psychological place to wipe the slate clean on something. I've been thinking lately about what I would like to see this coming year - not just for me, but in my community, and the world around me. In slightly disorganized order, the drumroll kicks off as such...

A reawakening
  1. Utilizing the power of downgrading my yes's and upgrading my no's frequently. I'm not Superwoman and I can't be all things to all people all the time. The phrase, "don't worry about it, I got this" has been in my vocab for far too long.
  2. Defy the inheritance of CPT genes and make it into work on time with more regularity than Metamucil.
  3. Take control of my checkbook and consolidate my fiscal irresponsibility into a budget I can honestly live with.
  4. Detox from public transportation on weekends by making the NYS driver's manual as essential to my reading as this month's W.
  5. Drink more water because the guy on the Aquafina commercial said so.
  6. Reacquaint myself with the hell that is working out on a regular basis.
  7. Quit procrastinating on what could be and get off my ass to make it happen.
  8. Reconnect with old friends instead of leaving the good ones adrift on the isle of "God, I haven't spoken to ______ in so long..."
  9. Usher in the latter half of my 20's with the resolve to get my groove back and get my groove on without hesitation or regrets. Who said good girls have more fun?
  10. Make it through this year without buying yet another pair of heels from Bergdorf's that I'll need to conveniently block out a scheduled bill to afford.
  11. Stop dropping f-bombs to unsuspecting Cingular reps after being on hold for longer than 10 minutes.
  12. Live in the now instead of always waiting on the other shoe to drop.
  13. See that the silent prayer of our troops returning to home soil come to fruition in a complete withdrawal from Iraq.
  14. Become active again with MoveOn networking in time for this fall's elections at grassroots levels locally to get young people engaged and out at the polls.
  15. And last but not least - blog more. My counter's been stuck for longer than UPN's been Nielsen cellar dwellers when it comes to network ratings. The reason? I only bother to hit the publish button once or twice every fortnight (if so often), and while I'm a firm believer of what you see is what you get, it would be nice to maintain a somewhat steady presence. So, I know my tendencies to get wrapped up in 5 different things at once causes me to be neglectful of updates consistently, but I know this too, alright? Give a girl a break....I'm workin' on it. ;-)

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