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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cluck if you buck

When chickenheads come home to roost
"Sisters get respect, bitches get what they deserve
Sisters work hard, bitches work your nerves
Sisters hold you down, bitches hold you up
Sisters help you progress, bitches will slow you up
Sisters cook up a meal, play their role with the kids
Bitches in the street with their nose in your biz
Sisters tell the truth, bitches tell lies
Sisters drive cars, bitches wanna ride...

Sisters tell you quick "you better check your homie"
Bitches don't give a fuck, they wanna check for your homie
Sisters love Jay cuz they know how 'Hov is
I love my sisters, I don't love no bitch..."
- Jay-Z
When I decided to air out my utter disgust over the whole Superhead quagmire, I didn't think I'd still be getting residual clicks from people searching for any trace of dirt this long after the fact. But then again, this is the Internet and searches for the desperate and salacious know no bounds. Besides a couple boosts to the ol' Site Meter isn't a bad trade off. Fast forward almost two years later and history's repeating itself in such an opportunistic way, that time honored cliche "birds of a feather flock together" seems all shiny and brand new again. Following in the skid marks of her sistren in slutdom, Karrine Steffans, now angling for her 15 seconds of gossip glory is Carmen Bryan. Better known as Nas' baby momma and infamously name checked in Jay-Z's Super Ugly freestyle rebuttal during his steel cage tussle for King of New York supremacy with God's Son over the airwaves back in the summer of 2001. Why she decided to divulge so many details of her personal life as a means of "survival" considering her daughter is old enough to flip over to chapter 5 and read about how Mama got her back blown out with A.I. is beyond me. The aftertaste of watching the next chick get wifed up and being left to hawk the hygiene secrets of your conquests on the radio chitlin circuit has to hurt.

It's gotten to the point that any random bird from Camden to Compton feels like she can just slurp and burp her way to stardom. Is this why our mothers went along with burning bras for the cause so the end result would come to this? The Art of Whoredom has flipped many a fragile girl into an industry groupie, turned some artist's baby momma bitter like curdled milk. They don't get platinum plaques for all the times they've put scuba instructors to shame with nonstop suction, all the quickies in the studio that helped MC Such & Such write their smash hit. Dare I say it: they are the backs on which the very foundation of rap is supported. Without them who knows how these men could deal with the stresses of the industry.

Bitch please.

These side dishes of poultry who sell the skeletons in their closet in exchange for gas money shouldn't be acknowledged, much less validated. When did public interest stoop so low to the point where these women can become some sort of twisted folk hero? Why are we condoning this broad spreading her chlamydia-crusted coochie like peanut butter for any and everyone? Is she deemed special because the men in question happen to be rappers and a basketball star? That warrants a gold star and a pat on the back for a job well done? I suppose freeloading off the profits of others is such an extraordinary task that she's dubbed herself (without a hint of irony) "Hip-Hop's Helen of Troy." Someone hand this self-righteous skeeze a torch in salute to her worn & tired masses.

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Anonymous Anonymous commented at 2/03/2007 06:49:00 AM~  

God, I so agree. This whorish trick deserves no time whatsoever. She and all the other tricks of her ilk who would disgrace themselves in public for the benefit of some change all deserve to be ignored.

My advice to this trick who has yet to achieve wife status:
Sorry, Homie, you're a whore. Here's some advice: Look up the word 'Dignity' in the dictionary, then pretend you have some. Best of luck to you!!

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