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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Baby, it's cold outside!

Two views of the snow pileup from my backyard during the Blizzard of '06 taken from my bathroom window.

"Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius."
— Pietro Aretino

I know it borders on blasphemy for a Black person to love the cold, but my name is TriniPrincess and I'm a total frostaholic. Contrary to popular belief, not all colored folks wait for the thermostat to surge past 90 with baited breath. And when I think about what I have to look forward to (out-of-control oily skin/frightful frizz/being trapped underground on subway platforms that are hotter than Hades), I'll take my chances in the arctic air. Maybe it has something to do with being born smack dab in the middle of winter, but knee high boots, chunky scarves and cable knit sweaters put me in my element. I get a kick out of sipping a cinnamon dolce latte and watching the chill trail as I cool the styrofoam cup on one of those shivery mornings when the sunlight seems to dance on the water dripping from icicles like a soft stream of diamonds. There are few natural occurrences that rival the beauty of snowflakes which transform the mundane into the picturesque. Yes, I'm waxing real nostalgic right now, but Old Man Winter gets a bum rap. It's about time someone stood in his corner to rep for snowball fights and calling in sick just to cozy up with a mug of hot cocoa or even better, a special someone close by to keep you warm. Remember being a kid and wishing for snow days? Now you're more likely to curse the driving conditions. When you're little, there's tons of fun things to look forward to when the snow falls -- secret snow forts and having stolen street signs double as makeshift sleds on frozen sidewalks with friends around the way. But being a grown-up doesn't make this time of year any more difficult to embrace the winter wonderland. Folks on the Left Coast and down South can keep the 'round the calendar warmth, anything less than 4 real seasons of variety is simply uncivilized.

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Blogger Berry commented at 4/02/2006 06:11:00 PM~  

Here we are in spring and you are posting about winter. we done turnt the clocks back and everything. a day late and a dollar short. (((trini))) feel better.

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 4/04/2006 06:29:00 PM~  

You make winter sound so inviting.....

Blogger Jbrit commented at 4/09/2006 09:39:00 AM~  

I love the winter! Fashion-wise, there's more variety though not a lot of people get to see it because your trapped inside of a big coat but even so there's something so inviting...even romantic about coming home from the cool air to warm up in your cozy space called home or your man. LOL.

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