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Friday, June 24, 2005

Microphone check...1-2, 1-2...

Through bleary vision in my left eye and full-on caffeine withdrawal, I guess I should take the time now to informerly introduce myself to the wonderful world of blogging (took my ass long enough to get up on this). Who am I, you may ask? Just an opinionated, sorta quirky, twenty-something chick from Brooklyn that enjoys afternoon walks in the park, watching late-night infomercials, considers Red Sox fans the enemy, still makes a heart above the "I" in my name and longs for world peace after the next commercial break.

At almost noon, I really should be working like the other average Joes of the world, but when you have an annoying cast of characters surrounding you at every turn, you take zoning out very seriously. Anything to erase the sour taste in my mouth left by being stood up by my on-again/off-again boyfriend last night... but I digress. That's another bitching session for later this weekend. Knowing him, I'll have some more material to sufficiently sound like a crew-cut wearing cutout of a feminist.

NP: Jamiroquai's Cosmic Girl. How brilliant is Jay Kay? Stevie soundalike be damned, this is vintage "shake your booty to the ground" stuff.

Uh oh, massa's circling the corporate plantation again... I'll add on more thoughts after I've refueled at lunch. Whoever said a friggin' muffin bar is an adequate breakfast needs their balls twisted.

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